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Digital/Video Cables:



Digital 2 RCA or BNC AES/EBU and Signature TLV-1 Video Cable



Digital 2:   AES/EBU Signature    TLV-1    Top

Retail US $149.00 - (Either .5, 1 or 1.5 meter)    Click here for other lengths.

The Digital 2 is a 75 ohm coaxial cable terminated with either RCA's or BNC connectors or a combination of both.  Characteristics of the Digital 2 are deep articulate bass, wide soundstage with depth and rock solid imaging, natural midrange and smooth extended treble.  The Digital 2 is constructed using a high purity solid core center wire with 100% shielding.  It is terminated using 75 ohm RCA's or BNC's.  The Digital 2 has been compared to digital cables costing over $400.  This is a true value in digital cables.

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AES/EBU Signature:    Digital 2  TLV-1    Top

Retail US $299    1 meter    Click here for other lengths.

The TEK LINE AES/EBU Signature cable represent the ultimate in digital connections for those who have digital equipment offering the XLR option.  The TEK LINE AES/EBU Signature will allow you to fully appreciate the potential of your audio investment.  Be prepared to unlock the dynamics, detail, and transparency that have been hiding in your system.  The AES/EBU Signature will take your digital gear to the furthest level.  It allows your system to open up and have a super warm, natural but detailed sound that seems like the original performance.  The Signature version was created for those who seek the ultimate in audio reproduction.

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TLV-1:    Digital 2   AES/EBU Signature    Top

Retail US $69.00    1 meter    Click here for other lengths.

The TEK LINE TLV-1 provides world-class Video reproduction.  The TLV-1 gives your video system the missing link it has been striving for.  The colors will be brighter - more colorful, the blacks more black, whites more white.  The TLV-1 will allow your video system to show it's full potential.  The multiple center conductor is made out of high purity OFC copper with a special silver mix braid.  It is terminated with custom 24K gold locking RCA which prevents loose connections.  Years of research and refinement have made it possible for TEK LINE to produce the TLV-1 to match all your video needs.  The TLV-1 can be color coated for use with component video systems. 


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