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TL-2010 TL-301 TL-500-S Pure Silver TL-700-S Single Crystal Pure Silver Signature IC - Limited Production




TL-2010:     TL-301    TL-500-S    TL-700-S    Top

$129.00 1 meter pair    Click here for other lengths. 

The TL-2010 Represents a breakthrough in high quality, low-cost interconnects.  This cable is so flexible you may be tempted to tie it in a small knot, but please don't.  The TL-2010 is made from silver-plated oxygen free copper coax cable with a Teflon dielectric.  The level of detail and transparency is truly amazing.  This interconnect will work perfectly in your audio system as well as home theater.  This interconnect is very easy to route through cabinets and audio racks.  The TL-2010 is terminated with different RCA's for your  *********.  The top of the line is the Cardas Silver Plated RCA's.  The second is the Canare F-10 and then the Canare F-09.  


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TL-301:     TL-2000    TL-500-S   TL-700-S    Top

TL-301       $199.00 1 meter pair    Click here for other lengths.

The TL-301 is a break through in price vs performance.  The TL-301 is our mid-priced interconnect, a dual multi-stranded wire, made from high purity silver-plated copper.  It uses Teflon as a dielectric with a silver-clad braid for a shield.  The shield is used as a floating ground or as the third wire in a balanced configuration.  The TL301 now terminated using the famous Bullet Plug.  The TL-301 excels at maintaining the integrity of the source recording.   Tonal balance, tempo and musicality are communicated with accuracy.  The TL-301 feels at home anywhere in your system, but it is the perfect link from CD player to preamp or amp.  The TL-301 is also a great interconnect for all high end home theater systems.  It is easy to use and is flexible enough to route through audio cabinets and racks with no problem.  The (TL-301-c) has been cryogenically treated for the best audio performance.  For more information about cryogenics, click here.   

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TL-500-S:     TL-2000    TL-301      Top

$499.00 1 meter pair    Click here for other lengths. 

The TL-500-S is a true bargain in the cable industry.  The TL-500-S is a premium pure silver interconnect.  This cable is constructed using two individual, multi-stranded high purity slow drawn silver wires.  The cable is double shielded and does allow for balanced configuration.  The TL-500-S is terminated with the best Cardas Rhodium RCA's using WBT silver solder.  Many silver cables offer detail and dynamics but can sound dry, bright and analytical.  The TL-500-S reveals detail and dynamics with deep bass impact, a warm and accurate soundstage with significant depth, while the treble is smooth and extended.  Bullet plugs (RCA's) and Cryogenic treatment are available upon request.  For more information about cryogenics, click here.

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TL-700-S:  TL-2000    TL-301      Top  

$699.00 1 meter pair    Click here for other lengths. 

The TL-700-S is the newest and best interconnect that TEK LINE offers.  It is a symmetrical type (2 wire) design that features single crystal pure silver (99.9997%) solid conductors.  Each solid core silver wire are insulated with PE.  There are hollow tubes between the two conductors as reinforced insulation and also to provide equal spacing between the wires.  Thus the wires never get next to each other.  The bundle is then wrapped by PTFE tape and then double shielded using aluminum foil and a braided SPC.  Then there is a nylon braid covered by a PVC jacket.  The final finish is a nylon braid mesh.  The TL-700-S is terminated using the famous Bullet Plugs (RCA's).  The TL-700-S can be cryogenically treated upon request.  For more information about cryogenics, click here.


TEK LINE Signature IC:  

Retail US $995.00 1 meter pair 


This is a limited edition of a wonderful sounding cable.  We have had many listen to this cable and say it's the best they have ever heard.  This compares to the best out there.  It is limit in production.  When we sell out of this wire, we will get no more.  The production of this wire has be closed by the government of origin.  So this is it, there will be no more.  Please email TekLineAudio@aol.com for more information.


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