Audiophile power cords at affordable prices.



TEK LINE is currently offering the Reference line of power cords factory direct.


Micro Reference

$349 Factory direct special, limited time.

System too lean?  Need some warmth and extension, maybe just more clarity?  How about a larger soundstage?

The Micro Reference is also a great subwoofer power cord.


Micro Reference Xtream


$549 special introductory price, limited time.

Take everything that the Micro Ref. has to offer and ad more depth, soundstage, instrument distinction and a deeper background.

For audiophile sound at the best price, the Micro Ref Xtream can't be beat.


The Reference


$795 special introductory price, limited time.

The Reference offers the best in clarity, resolution, soundstage, lowest background noise, and more.  Balanced from top to bottom.

If you want the best, we believe this is it.

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Why exotic power cords?  Click and find out.


TEK LINE has been in business for over 15 years producing quality audio cables at affordable prices.  Our goal is to produce the finest audio cables available at prices the average audio enthusiast can afford.   Each of our Reference power cables are painstakingly made by hand with the finest components available at their respective price point.  Each cord is thoroughly tested and inspected before it's shipped.  It is this commitment to excellence that has allowed us to serve the audio community for nearly two decades. 

Unlike some companies that take OEM wire and simply add exotic connectors and fancy jacketing,  The Reference line cables are crafted from our own designs, based on 15 years of cable manufacturing.  

 When we design a new power cord, or any cable for that matter, it takes many people with years of experience and different expertise, hundreds of hours of R & D and beta testing before the cables are ready for market.  The Reference line was in development for almost 2 years. 




In my 15 years of making both expensive and inexpensive cables, two things stick out:


1. Cables are the weakest link in any A/V system

2. The more revealing the system is (regardless of price) the more important quality cables are.


Too many people swap out components (usually at a huge loss) when the real cause of their unhappiness is the cables connecting them. While it may be difficult to get your mind around the fact that in order to get the most from  $2,000- $5,000 worth of components you need to spend a thousand, or so, on a couple of cables, it does not change the fact that you do.  




Heavy and/or stiff cables may sound good but...


If you are into cables, hopefully you realize that everything matters. If you don't already realize the importance of using isolation/vibration control, play some large scale music then place your hand on top of each component. Note the vibrations. Iso devices drain the bad vibs out of the components, unless they are being negated by heavy and/or stiff power cords. This is less of an issue if your components are heavy, but most do not weigh 40+ pounds, and can fall off the delicately balanced iso devices. The lighter the component, the more a heavy or stiff power cord will negate what iso/vib control devices are designed to do. This problem led me to develop the Micro Reference and the Micro Reference Xtreme.


Unlike some companies that take OEM wire and simply add exotic connectors and fancy jacketing, Tek Line cables are crafted from my own designs, based on 15 years of cable manufacture. Even when I come up with a new idea, it takes a lot of R & D, and beta testing, before the cable is ready for market.


Power cord connector design has come a very long way in the last 5 years. Alas, connectors can cost as much as, or more than the cable.  FYI the Wattgate 330/350 IECs retail for $78+ each!


Today, we offer what we believe are the best cables that can be produced at a price point most serious (A/V hobbyists or Audiophiles) can afford.





First , when you add a new anything you can't expect it to totally transform your system!


Oftentimes, you have to make some adjustments as you have tweaked your system to extract a musical balance based on what you had. When adding anything new, it's not unusual to make adjustments: speaker position , vibration control, possibly interconnects/cables, or different tubes.


For the Micro Reference, Micro Reference Xtreme, and The Reference, we have tested all of the high end plugs available and have found that the Wattgate gold plated 330/350 IECs (produced the best sound - were the best sounding - were superior) .  


The Reference cable is for those who demand the very best sonics, regardless of price.





Just like components, cables require several hundred hours of intense break in. And it's not just about hours, it's also about the type of current flowing through the cables, which needs to vary in amplitude .


When breaking-in "green" cables, sonically, they can be all over the place, and it's frustrating for the listener. Moreover, if you own tube components you are putting unnecessary hours on your expensive tubes. Ditto your CD/DVD laser. At the very least you are likely to use enough electricity to offset most of my cable break in charge.


We now offer a cable break in service- $25 per cable. Now, even when you get the break in you will have to let the cables settle in for a few days before they will sound their best. But, that's just so the electrons can line up and saturate the wires and connectors.  Special burn in offer, order 3 power cords and we will do our special burn in at no extra charge, saving you $75 and many hours of use on your expensive equipment.

This process will take additional time for shipment of your order.


Please email us at TekLineAudio@aol.com



Why exotic power cords?

Human nature seems bent on quick fixes.  And what could be a better fix for an audiophile in search of musical nirvana then a hot new amp...preamp...digital converter...?  You get the idea. While the sound of the new component is usually different, seldom does it put your quest to bed.  So, if components by themselves can't bring ultimate happiness, what does?

Think about it. What do all A/V systems have in common? Electricity! The simple truth is that any system (no matter how expensive) gets plugged into an electric outlet. And this, my friend, is the lowest common denominator. Think about it, electricity was never intended to be pristine. Your lights, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, computer, air conditioner don't really need pristine electricity, although they would actually run better, and last longer if it was!

If you're among the group that agrees electricity is a problem, but that it is impossible for a power cord to correct miles of preceding electric anomalies- I feel your pain!  Even though electricity as supplied by the electric companies is corrupted by a wide variety of interferences both within and outside your home, large improvements can be made that will make your system sound significantly better.


Here are the basic steps to truly better A/V enjoyment:


1)    If your equipment can accept an after market power cord, audition as many power cords as possible. Make sure you give your power cord at least one week of listening to break in. The sound can change many different times during this process. Different components require different power consumption and react differently to the power supplied to them. Do this one at a time. Different power cord designs will sound different on each component. Due to this, a really great sounding cord on your DAC may not be the best for your Amp and vice-versa. But you may be surprised to find that the same cord sounds great with all your components. (Caution: There is nothing wrong with using the same power cords throughout ones system, but donít assume the same cord will allow each component to sound its best without prior audition of other cords.)

2)    Get a real world power conditioner- this is not a job for pretend want-to-be power conditioners. The best available technology is "balanced power conditioners" like PS Audio, Equi=tech, and Furman and others. Accept no substitutes. You can go to their websites for an education on why "balanced power" is the power of choice for any A/V system. (Please let us know of other manufactures so we can list.)

3)    If your budget permits, get a DEDICATED power outlet for your audio system. The ideal would be at least two of them. A dedicated line should be installed by a licensed electrician and may require permits. You should request at least a 10 gauge wire with an exceptional ground. If possible, you may want to have separate ground poll installed for each line. Donít assume that the water pipes are the best ground.



Please email us at TekLineAudio@aol.com


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