ECLIPSE Power Cord

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TEK LINE is proud to announce the introduction or our long awaited for high end budget power cord.


TEK LINE  "Eclipse"  Power Cord




TEK LINE  "Eclipse"  Power Cord 6' length  -  Retail $199

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The new TEK LINE Eclipse power cord redefines the phrase "Value" in great sounding, high quality, audiophile power cords.


The Eclipse was manufactured especially for TEK LINE using only super high quality pure Copper.  Each 10 gauge pole (hot, neutral, and ground) are made up of over 100 individual strands of various gauges of high purity copper.  Using this gauge and as many strands per pole allows for your equipment to receive the amount of current that is required.  The flow of the current sees less resistance and allows your valuable electronics to perform stress free.  When a component needs power and doesn't get it, this puts stress on your equipment and the resulting distortion causes unwanted noise.  The Eclipse helps eliminate this "noise."  Thus, your equipment will sound its best when using this high quality power cord.


The Eclipse uses our exclusive "weighted-silent" geometry for zero noise levels with a dead calm effect.  This and the eliminated EMI makes this a new standard in "Value" power cords.


To get the most of the Eclipse, we recommend having them terminated with the Wattgate Gold 330 and 350 power plugs.  This really does bring the power cord to a new level.  Wattgate 330/350 upgrade please ad $100 per cable.


Please ad $19.95 per foot for different lengths.


TEK LINE accepts most credit cards, Paypal, money orders and checks.  


Shipping will be a flat $12.50 to anywhere in the US and Canada.   Shipping to all other countries will be determined.


All California shipments will require sales tax to be collected.


All TEK LINE Eclipse power cords come with a full 30 day return/exchange warranty.  Less shipping and credit card fees.


For more information or pricing on other lengths, please contact us at


Ordering information please click here.




Comments from a few customers::




"Thanks for such a great power cord at such a low price.  I will be getting more for the rest of my system soon."


"I thought superior power cords had to cost much more, many thanks for convincing me to listen to them.  I now have 3 in my system and just love the improvement they have made."


"The looks and build quality is worth your asking price, haven't listened to the power cord yet, but looks great.  If it sounds anything like the way it looks, I'll be a happy camper."

"I'm really happy that you talked me into trying your new Eclipse power cord.  It sounded better than you told me it would.  Many thanks."


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